Specific Onlive Poker rules

Onlive Poker has been created to reproduce the rules of live poker action, however due to the system, certain rules at the table have to be amended or specified.

The Onlive Poker devices belong to the operator and cannot be taken out of the Poker Room.
Leaving the Poker Room and/or the casino premises with the device is considered theft and is a criminal offense.
It is player’s responsibility to keep the device in good condition during a game session, the devices are protected with an anti shock layer. Any damage caused on the device is the player’s responsibility.
To avoid any confusion if player has a Redmi device Note 8t (like the casino ones) the Onlive devices have a branded protection case, and a specific image background on the phone.

Looking at the cards
There are 2 modes to have a look at private cards : users can either press the cards so they turn face up, or slide the corner to lift them up.
It is player’s responsibility to hide their screen so direct neighbours cannot look at it.
If a player is caught cheating by looking at other player’s private cards, he will be penalized and can be banned from the casino.

As for live poker games, it is player’s responsibility to pay attention at their action : once an action has been validated by a user, it cannot be undone. Eg. if a player folds his hand by mistake when he wanted to raise (or check) the Table Floor won’t be allowed to cancel the action.

Removing players
The Table Floor can remove a player for usual poker conflicts (misbehavior,…) or if a player leaves the table physically without sitting out/logging out.

The Table Floor can put a penalty on a player if he repeatedly does not focus on the game, or is slowing down the game. Eg. The player doesn’t pay attention to the game, other players at the table have to call the floor to force him to play (with the function “call the floor”) as for standard poker game, it is at the Table Floor’s sole discretion to put a penalty on a player if he considers that his attitude/intention go against the game flow / game integrity

Player cannot bet / cannot see his cards
In case a player has a hand but he cannot see the cards / cannot bet, the Table Floor shall close and reopen the application.
Player will be automatically logged in and the hand will resume from where it was.
If this method doesn’t work, player will be sit out and sit in back later on.


Can a player play when he is not at the table ?
No, he must play from casino’s device, be seated by the Table Floor at a physical table as a standard poker game to reproduce the typical Poker gameplay and avoid any cheats. Like for any poker game, if a player leaves the table during a hand, his hand will be folded.

Possible recognized events and actions

No more battery on a player device

The Redmi devices have an autonomy of 8 hours and will be charged as soon the Table Floor takes it back from a user.
Battery chargers will be available so they can connect the devices directly while players are playing.

An extra phone will be on site, so if there is no way to charge a device, player can disconnect his account from one device, and reconnect on another at the same seat on the same table.

If the incident happens during a hand, the Table Floor can hold the action at the table until player can get back in the game.

If there is no extra phone, the Table Floor will remove the player from the table and either keep him on the waiting list to play again when another player leaves the table, or uncredit him, and give him a receipt to cash out what he had left on his account.

Table freeze/stop in the middle of a hand

In case of a table freezing in the middle of a hand, the back end will have recorded the last hands and stack of each player can be retrieved from Admin application.
If the table cannot restart, tables will be closed, players will receive a payment ticket with the amount of their respective stacks before the last hand start.

Internet shutdown

In case of an Internet shutdown, and if the front and back office are unavailable, the game will stop until the connection resumes.
If the connection doesn’t resume, and there is no way to have the amounts of each player’s stack, funds will be kept for 24h to recover the datas.

If after 24h datas still cannot be recovered, players will be paid back with their initial buy-ins, no rake will be taken by the casino.

Player steals a phone

If a player steals a phone, staff will be able to identify who did it thanks to the Onlive devices list, or in the worst case scenario thanks to the casino CCTV. The Casino can contact him to get the device back and they can also press charges if the player doesn’t want to take the device back.

If player manages to leave the premises, the IMEI of each device is stored for geolocation and device blockage.

Worst case scenario : All system is down and the data is impossible to retrieve
In the very unfortunate and unlikely event of having the whole system down, players will receive their initial payment back (of the amount from the receipt), casino will not charge the rake that has been collected virtually.

What happens if a player logs out, forgets his password and entered the wrong email at registration
If a player logs out and has no credit on his account, he forgot his password and entered a fake email, he can create a new account and credit it.

If he already had credit in his account and cannot access it, the Table floor will be able to see the amount he had on his account, uncredit it and credit it on a new account that player will have to create.

The balance between Cashier and Onlive system is negative (there is more money being played on the table, than money that have been deposited by players at cashier) In the unlikely event of more money being played at the table than being deposited, all tables will be paused, in order to find where the issue comes from. All deposited tickets will be compared with the receipts of deposits that have been done in the Onlive system by the staff.

If the Table Floor deposited a bigger amount to a player than what he sat with, this player will be removed from the table, and his extra credit will be taken.