A new journey begins

My name is Alex Henry, I’ve been working in the Live Poker industry for the last 14 years : organizing live poker tournaments for Unibet, Pokerstars, Winamax, … I worked in more than 50 casinos worldwide, focusing on small buy-in tournaments. Through all the events I’ve been working on, I’ve always tried to involve new technologies to improve player’s experience, different promotions, … 

To make this evolution come true, I created a digital agency, recruiting the best developers to code the needed changes in the Live Poker Industry. 


Since the end of 2019, we have been working to bring you a new poker experience : faster, funnier and safer ! 

Using the latest existing technology to have the best product, enjoy again the feeling of playing at a table, facing your opponents, reading the tells and all the Live Poker Thrills ! 

Through this blog, I will tell you our journey and mission to change the way small stake cash game are played in land based poker rooms. 

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