The New Poker Challenge

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Onlive Poker is a COVID proof solution for land based casinos, to help the re-opening of the poker room quickly, in a world where social activities are limited : what will be the new poker challenge for land based casinos ?

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, all casinos operating in infected countries had to close down. Many have reopened, closed again and invested in expensive solutions to keep players safe. However, the majority focus on slot machines and electronic games in order to limit social interactions. 

Those changes have most of the time an impact on the Poker Room. Whether the space is needed to install other machines or the casino just wants to limit the risks of social interactions. The result remains the same : poker rooms in medium/small casinos are closed.

Social Texas Hold’em

A Poker room in a casino is not only a place to play, it is a social encounter where local regular players and friends meet. I have been playing poker regularly in different poker rooms for the last 20 years : the connexion you can have with players is unique and should not be limited to an online chat. 

All the live tests set in real conditions prove that the interactions between players are the same than with a normal game with chips and cards. We are however improving all the special features Onlive Poker offers in order to upgrade social connexions.

With this framework and an uncertain future for 2021, we are planning our very first live testing in a land based casino before 2022 : we need to see players’ reactions when they can chose what to play : either minimum a 1/2€ with cards and chips to play 20 hands per hour, or on a 0,50cts/1€ on a digital table to play 40 hands per hour : that’s the new poker challenge that is waiting for us !

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