The Certification process

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In order to have Onlive Poker running in a land based casino; we need to certify it first :

  • The RNG : Random Number Generator, the part of the program that is dedicated to deal randomly the cards. The certificatory company analyzes millions of hands samples and the whole system, to validate it.
  • The Game : the whole game was tested from top to bottom to find all possible leaks and errors in order to fix them. The tricky part of this process is that this kind of game doesn’t exist already. This really made things worse for the laboratory in charge of the certification, as there is no reference.

The whole process started in March and has been delayed month after month in order to reinforce security, guarantee a smooth game for users. To ensure safety, both requirements of live and online poker have been certified.

The certification has been finalised at the beginning of October !

The final step before testing it live is to have the validation from the Malta Gaming Authorities. We are hoping to be live by November.

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